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The founders

The founders

The meeting of Chiara and Amélie in the city of Paris. The desire to create candles themselves to enhance an apartment or a house.

    Why Beige Paris?

    While strolling one afternoon, Chiara and Amélie were looking for a name for their future brand, a name that sounds Parisian, a name that we remember, in two words preferably with a personal pronoun before like the museums "The Louvre". . A fairly universal name that can represent a universe, they didn't want the word "candle" or "candle" to appear in order to avoid a category. The predominant color of Parisian architecture is beige, the fronts of the apartments, the stone, everything is beige around them, it is easily pronounced, it is remembered and it can be international, Le Beige Paris was born in March 2021.

    Our candles

    Where to find us ?

    Paris :

    • At Maison Beguin: 9 rue Bréguet 75011 Paris

    @ maisonbeguin

    • at the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal: 4 rue des Valois

    @ grandhoteldupalaisroyal

    Other cities :

    • At Studio 21: 11 rue du General de Gaulle, 22700 Perros-Guirec

    @ studio21.peros

    • At Off café: 66 rue du bourg, 21000 Dijon


    Abroad :

    • Apartment n°17: 17 rue des grands carmes, 1000 Brussels

    • MaBohème: 9 calle Emili Pou, 07800 Ibiza